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Security Speakers Bureau, under the auspices of the Private Security Services Council of the ASIS Cleveland Chapter – Northeast Ohio

Speakers on security issues and topics

Private Security Services Council Chair:  Bill Truax
Command K-9

Security Speaker’s Bureau:  Professional security practitioners, members of ASIS Cleveland and ASIS International, are available to speak to groups in Northeast Ohio on a variety of security topics and issues. The overall purpose is to provide information and education on security issues and methods to interested community, business, or organizational or association groups in specific subject areas across the entire range of security, loss prevention, physical security, risk reduction, etc., from experienced and qualified professionals in the field. 

Prospective speakers:  Please see the basic description and Speaker Guidelines below. Please see the initial list of qualified speakers and security topics below. Note that there can be more than one speaker on the same or similar topic – not a problem at all, as there are different viewpoints, expertise, and values that are derived from different individuals. Please note that these topics and presentations are not sales presentations or presentations of a particular company or product or service, but informative and educational presentations about the subject. You may, of course, talk about your organization, but that is not the subject nor the purpose of the presentation.

We will soon have a direct menu of security speakers and topics for fast ID.

Inquiring for a speaker? Scroll down (or click to see) for information on initial speakers on security topics and issues, descriptions, etc. If you are interested in a particular security speaker or topic, please give us some information that we request, contact us, and we’ll ask the speakers you select, or others depending upon your request, to get in touch with you directly. Please see the initial list and don’t hesitate to inquire. We may already have a qualified speaker lined up. We’ll respond. See the list first, and click on the Inquiry Link at the speaker’s list to respond and inquire.

Guidelines for speakers…

    Please note that speakers come from all quarters of the security profession, and may be security directors of major corporations, loss prevention specialists, security consultants or risk managers, private or government security operations professionals, security or safety directors or managers in institutions such as hospitals or universities or others, security analysts, presidents and others in private security organizations that provide security products or services. All speakers, however, must…

  • ASIS International Member:  ASIS Cleveland Member, all national and local dues paid, with no outstanding obligations to the chapter.
  • Agreement:  Agree to follow the guidelines and the process, and to abide by the rules that are set.
  • Provide Information:  Prospective speakers must supply such credentials, background, experience, outlines, or other information as determined by the Chair or committee for qualification.
  • Provide Preview:  Provide a preview* opportunity, giving a mini-presentation or presentation to a specified group, either a regular ASIS meeting, special meeting, approved meeting, or to a qualified student group designated at a school, college, or technical school by the Speaker’s Bureau Committee. If you are giving this presentation to an outside group, contact the committee and we’ll do our best to arrange a member to attend if at all possible; this will qualify as a preview. *May be waived for nationally known speakers, previous presentations to ASIS and other groups, speaking references, etc. Inquire.

Members:  Interested? If you wish to participate as a speaker and be contacted with additional descriptions and program information, send us an email (click icon below) with your name, contact info., and your main areas of interest – topics and/or titles you’d like to speak on – and any other pertinent information. In advance you may attach a resume’ in .doc, .txt, .rtf, or .PDF format, or additional information. Thank you.
Member only, inquiry email >  

Initial listing of speakers available and topics – begun 11-06. Initial setup – 99% of the information that appears below is complete, current, and accurate. We are in the process of adding qualified speakers. These will appear here after the information is complete. This is ONLY AN INITIAL LIST. THIS PROGRAM WAS BEGUN in late 2006 and is developing well. Scroll down – INQUIRE WITH US.

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Speaker #: #20

Speaker, Presenter: Bill TruaxOrganization/Title:Command K-9, Inc., Bomb Detection Dog Handler & Consultant
Geauga County Sheriff’s Dept., Aux. Deputy Sheriff

Topic, #, & Title:

#21 – 
Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings – An Overview
An awareness training overview of the Department of Homeland Security program designed to familiarize First Responders – both private and public – with explosives and detonation systems.

#22 – 
Explosives in the Workplace
Explosives in the workplace is a discussion of some of the steps you can take to prevent a bomb incident and the steps you can take when one occurs both pre and post blast.

#23 – Emergency Action Plans – EAP Plans and Procedures for  Dealing with a Bomb Incident
This is a discussion of the pre-event planning and preparation that all companies with more than 11 employees must make based on the Code of Federal Regulations. This discussion focuses on bomb incidents.

#24 – The Avian Flu Pandemic – Planning is the Key
This is a discussion around what preparations should be made by both corporations and individuals regarding dealing with an Avian Flu Pandemic. I find that most people are doing nothing!

#25   K-9 Search and Rescue
Bill is a Certified SAR TECH II from the National Association for Search and Rescue and discusses how K-9s are used to find missing people. Since Oklahoma City, K-9s have become well known for their services.  Bill’s presentation includes an 8 minute video detailing all the elements of wilderness Search and Rescue. He will discuss the 5 types of K-9 search dogs.

Brief Pres. Des.: Most presentations deal with explosives and how to deal with them. See titles. PowerPoint presentation or speaking from a stage or podium. Discuss more on content of each when you are contacted by Bill.

Brief, Credentials:

WILLIAM TRUAX:  Bill was in Charge of the 6th Army’s Demolition and Booby-trap School at Fort Lewis Washington for 2 years. He’s conducted over 3500 hours of instruction in Demolitions and Booby-traps. Bill teaches and instructs “First Responders”, both private and public, in familiarization programs in explosives and bomb search procedures. Certified instructor, Dept. of  Homeland Security program, Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings – IRTB. Bill regularly attends Homeland Security and FBI Training for explosives and WMD, and is an expert in the field. 

Length:20-30 minutes plus Q & A, may design more in depth depending upon group and needs.

Availability, Geo.: NE Ohio

Groups, note:

Other note: Bill is a clear, engaging speaker from feedback received, and has presented ASIS meetings with good response.

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Speaker #: #30
Speaker, Presenter: Lawrence (Larry) Schuck, C.P.P., C.S.C.
Organization/Title:Norfolk & Southern Railway, Special Agent in Charge
Topic, #, & Title:
#31 – Rail Security – How is My Merchandise Protected from Door to Door by Rail?
Brief:  I cover what the railroads do to protect their customers lading while it moves across the country by rail. I discuss issues that also relate to security improvements being made as a result of Homeland Security issues. I cover various types of devices used by shippers to protect the integrity of their trailer load of merchandise that is by truck to rail, and then back to truck for delivery to the customer.#32 – Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals
Brief:  Most employees and supervisors dislike doing performance appraisals or evaluations. I discuss how a supervisor can conduct an effective performance appraisal that turns into a win-win situation for both. The process also becomes a great tool that the supervisor can use to improve productivity.    #33 –  Conducting Security Surveys
Brief:  I cover how a security professional can put together an effective security survey of any facility.  The survey is designed to effectively identify existing vulnerabilities and offer objective solutions to reduce vulnerabilities.#34 – Security Consultant – Is One Right for My Needs?
Brief:  I have done this presentation for Rotary Clubs, for example. It explains what a security consultant is and what one is not. The presentation provides an overview of the value having an independent and objective security consultant involved at your facility or on your next building project. 
Brief Pres. Des.: See “Brief:” above under each topic. More will be explained as needed when contacted.
Brief, Credentials:LAWRENCE SCHUCK:  Certified Protection Professional, Certified Security Consultant through the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC)Larry has worked in the rail sector of transportation security for the last 25 years. Prior to that, he had worked for 7-plus years in public law enforcement. He has completed degree work in Business and Police Science and is currently finishing the remaining 9 credit hours for his Bachelors Degree in Security Management. Larry recently served as an instructor at Eastern Kentucky University where he taught Security Survey classes to railroad police for their annual in-service training.  
Length:Varies, but usually 20 to 30 minutes and questions and answers after.
Availability, Geo.: NE Ohio
Groups, note: 
Other note:  

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Speaker #: #40
Speaker, Presenter: Ted Moss, C.P.P.
Organization/Title:CEO & President, Crimcheck.com, Background Network, Inc.
Topic, #, & Title:#41 – Personnel Security:  Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets through Background Checks     Companies need to protect their most valuable asset – the employees that make them a success. As part of any comprehensive risk mitigation program, employment screening is a must, since the best predictor of future performance is past behavior. Hiring an employee is one of the most important responsibilities a company will experience while conducting business.  Negligent hiring is on the rise, and companies and organizations are being taken to task over their hiring practices.  It is an organization’s responsibility to make sure that the people they hire can be trusted to deal with the public and interact with other employees.      Ted discusses risk mitigation in relation to employment screening as well as current legislation  that effects  the hiring process such as the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Length – 1 hour /Variable 
Brief Pres. Des.: See above in descriptions
Brief, Credentials:TED MOSS, Certified Protection Professional, V.P. ASIS International, Region 10.
     Ted Moss is the founder and President of  Crimcheck.com,  a leader in the pre-employment screening industry.  Serving business enterprises nationally and internationally, Crimcheck.com  has provided comprehensive background checks to small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations for over 15 years.

     Mr. Moss is a 25-year veteran of law enforcement and corporate security. Several years as an Investigator for The Ohio Department of Mental Health added a unique perspective to Mr. Moss’ diverse experience.  Mr. Moss transitioned from law enforcement to the loss prevention and security management field for various companies.

     In 1986, Mr. Moss formed OMNI protective services in Akron Ohio. He later joined Inter-Fact, Inc. in Bedford Heights, Ohio, as The Director of Investigations where he pioneered groundbreaking methods in the employment screening industry which resulted in the purchase of the company by Trans-Union Corporation. In 1991 Mr. Moss founded Crimcheck.com.

     Mr. Moss is an expert on matters of employment screening, identity theft, loss prevention and The Fair Credit Reporting Act.  He has addressed many local businesses, clubs and universities as a public service.  Mr. Moss is active in Rotary International and serves as a Regional Vice President for ASIS International.
Length:1 hour /Variable
Availability, Geo.: NE Ohio
Groups, note: 
Other note:  

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Speaker #: #50
Speaker, Presenter: Keith Lavery
Organization/Title:Polaris Career Center, Criminal Justice Instructor
Copley Police Department, Active Police Officer
Topic, #, & Title:
#51 –
Patrol Techniques & Strategies
History of police patrol operations, methodologies of patrol, purpose of directed patrol, research showing effectiveness, present day operations and future concerns. 
#52 – Community-oriented Policing and Problem-solving for Community Partnerships
History, purpose, tailored design, function and how individuals or groups of a community can greatly enhance the effect of their police department through coordination and cooperation.
#53 – Tactical (SWAT) Responsibilities and Limitations
Informational discussion pertaining to the original purpose for the deployment of tactical teams, best standards and practices, strategic limitations, and perceived future challenges.
#54 – Use of Force Continuum
Explanation for best standards and practices of the Use of Force model that is used by law enforcement agencies within the State of Ohio and self-defense provisions.
#55 – Law Enforcement Supervision & Leadership
Discussing the practical applications to police supervision, styles of supervision; rank structure to include roles and responsibilities for each ranking officer,  police supervisor v. leader, and law enforcement ethics. 
Brief Pres. Des.: See descriptions above.
Brief, Credentials:KEITH LAVERY is an experienced police officer, in depth, and is an active police officer, as well as being a Criminal Justice Instructor at Polaris. Keith formerly was an adjunct professor at the U. of Akron and for other schools and colleges. He has served as a patrol officer, detective, sargent, instructor, and in many other roles. His education includes:  M.A. Urban Studies (2001-2002), The University of Akron,B.S. Technical Education (1997-1999), The University of Akron,A.A.S. Law Enforcement, Cuyahoga Community College,Over 2500 hours of advanced police training involving SWAT, narcotics, firearms, defensive tactics, administrative, investigative and other areas of law enforcement function. DEA Certified CLANLAB tactical operator. DEA Certified Site Safety Officer.Instructor for the OPOTA Private Security AcademyCertified OPOTA Basic Academy Instructor.Certified OPOTA Defensive Tactics Instructor.Certified OPOTA STRMS Instructor.Certified OPOTA Crisis Intervention Instructor. Recipient of numerous law enforcement commendations, to include the State of Ohio Attorney General, U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and local police agencies. 
Length:Variable, can be tailored, Q & A’s.
Availability, Geo.: NE Ohio, but inquire.
Groups, note:Can be part of a panel on related subjects regarding policing and police functions, as well as stand-alone presentations.
Other note:  

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Speaker #: #60
Speaker, Presenter: Timothy A. Dimoff, President and founder
Organization/Title:SACS Consulting & Investigations, Inc.
Topic, #, & Title:#61 – Liability Issues – Hiring to FiringThe workplace today is full of rules and regulations and they are constantly changing. We have become a litigious society and that includes the workplace. Business owners today cannot be too careful. There are very specific steps every business owner should take to protect themselves and their business. This presentation will provide you with the knowledge you need to know about business liability issues. You will leave with detailed information and ways to help prevent you and your business from being sued. Every business owner and manager should attend this presentation.#62 -Life Rage
Where is America headed? We have become a nation of rage and violence. Rage has permeated into every aspect of our daily lives. Why do we lead the world in murder, suicide, violent crime and more? During this thought provoking talk, Tim delves into the types of rage pervading our country and the reasons for them. Most importantly, Tim offers ways to overcome the violence and tips to prevent it from happening in the first place. Learn how to protect yourself, your family and your workplace. This presentation is a must see for everyone in America today.
#63 – Workplace Violence…A Ticking Time Bomb
Disgruntled employees often take out their anger and frustration at work. It’s a simple fact. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, homicide is the number two cause of death in the workplace and the number one cause for women. It’s an incredible risk. In this “no-holds-barred” presentation, Tim shows you how to spot and prevent workplace violence. In situations that escalate to verbal or physical assault, Tim tells you how to diffuse the incident and recover from it.
#64 – Identity Crisis…When Someone Wants To Be You
A must-attend presentation for any company or organization. You’ll learn more about the frightening epidemic of identity theft and how it can rob you of your life. This isn’t the stuff of Hollywood movies – there millions of real victims of this crime each year. And, estimates claim that this crime already accounts for over 25 percent of all credit card fraud. Unlike other crimes, prevention is not that difficult. Let Tim show you the simple steps you can use to prevent this disaster from happening to you. “Become more aware of the methods for Identity Theft and the simple things we all can do to prevent it, educate your family members, educate your business contacts and educate yourself”
#65 – Security/Liability Issues In Corporate America…Is Your Company Prepared?
Since September 11, 2001 America has never been the same and that wake-up call can’t be ignored. Physical Security issues and the liability issues that accompany it are now a top priority in every business and daily routine across the U.S. Corporation must now understand and implement security strategies for every person, employee, and package/mail that comes through your door. We must now ensure safety to every human being that enters our business premise and engages in business with our organization and its employees. But, how do we start to defend against biological (anthrax), copycats, violence, bombs, destruction, risky corporate travel, mentally disturbed and the host of other real dangers? Where do you start? How far and how much do you spend? Can we really win this new challenge and bring confidence of safety back to our workforce? This presentation will give you answers and provide a road map to putting you “back in control” in corporate America!!!
#66 – The Emerging Worker
The majority of the work force today has NOW become the “Emerging Work Force.” This group of employees will rival the traditional working attitude that we have become accustomed too. Who are these workers and how do we motivate them? Learn how to motivate this unique group because our business survival is dependent upon it!
#67- Smart Hiring
Learn the do’s and don’ts of employee recruitment and selection with emphasis on the guidelines for selecting the right employee for the job.
#68 – Drugs and Alcohol at Work: Who, What……… and Steps to Reduce Risk
If you have more than a handful of employees working for your company, you’ve likely got a drug problem. The statistics are staggering – 77 percent of Americans, 18 and older who illicitly use drugs, are also employed full-time. That’s nearly 10 million drug-using employees in the U.S. How many work for you? The risk to employers is huge. Drug-using employees are one-third less productive than non-drug users, and are 3.6 times more likely to injure themselves or another person in a workplace accident. Don’t miss this chance to learn how you can reduce the risk to your organization.
#69 – Stop Your Employees From Stealing From You
In this dynamic presentation, Tim pinpoints specific policies and procedures every company should have – in writing – to safeguard against employee theft. Learn about effective pre-employment screening and how it can stop most problems before they occur. When the worst side of human nature takes over, you’ll learn how to manage through the difficult situation and put your organization back on track.
#70 – Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Drug Testing…But Were Afraid to Ask
What are the advantages of hair testing versus urine  testing? What drugs are covered by a standard hair screening? How do today’s employees view drug testing? How much of an impact can drug-testing have? Learn the answers to these very important questions – and hear about the many success stories coming out of both the public and private sectors when Tim shares all in this hard-hitting session.
Brief Pres. Des.: Descriptions posted above.
Brief, Credentials:TIMOTHY A. DIMOFF, President and founder of SACS Consulting is a nationally recognized author, speaker, trainer, and registered expert.Mr. Dimoff is an author of six books and numerous, nationally copyrighted, training programs. He has been featured on CNN, Dateline, NBC, Wall Street Journal, N.Y. Times, L. A. Times, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, and others. Additionally, he is a member of the National Speaker Association (NSA) and he is often sought after for Keynote and Professional Presentations. Registered National Court Expert in H.R, Security, Labor and Police/Private Security areas since 1994 and has testified across the U.S.
Length:Length can be customized to time allotted – discuss with speaker.
Availability, Geo.: Available year round across the U.S. to speak
Groups, note: 
Other note:  

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Speaker #: #70
Speaker, Presenter: Tom Brugger
Organization/Title:Anixter, Inc.; Branch Manager
Topic, #, & Title:#71 – “IP Video: What you Need to Know to Implement Digital Video on an IP Network”

This presentation starts with a 30,000 ft overview of the general shift of camera surveillance technology from (a) the familiar analog cameras wired back to monitors and VCRs to (b) surveillance solutions that “ride on” the computer network cabling and hardware as IP traffic, just like an email between you and a colleague.
What advances do we see in consumer electronics and office networking?Digital cameras replace film cameras; home wireless networks let us use our laptop anywhere; remote LAN enables executives to manage their business while traveling. How are these advances translated into surveillance applications? What are the advantages and disadvantages to converging your surveillance system with the IT department’s computer network? How will retrieval, storage, access, and viewing of security camera images be affected by this migration to an IP platform? Will it makes sense to have some wireless cameras, and how does this technology work? Can the security guard really monitor parking lot activity on his PDA? Who designs and installs a system like this? What is the cost difference between this kind of system and the traditional analog ones? What should public sector planners think about regarding the design and funding of systems to take advantage of federal and state funding, or to create revenue streams from the private sector?
Brief Pres. Des.: See above
Brief, Credentials:Tom Brugger is the Branch Manager at Anixter, Inc., a global supplier of security, data communications, cabling, fasteners, and other infrastructure products. In his current role of 3 years, and the previous 2 years as Regional Manager for Physical Security sales, Tom has worked with integrators and institutions across 10 states to assess their physical security requirements and recommend solutions that incorporate the appropriate CCTV, access control, alarm and monitoring technologies. He has particular expertise in helping institutions from healthcare, education, government, manufacturing, transportation, services, and retail verticals learn which Internet Protocol-based solutions will provide for maximum benefit and return on investment.
Length:Variable, can be tailored, Q & A’s
Availability, Geo.: NE Ohio, but inquire.
Groups, note:If the intended audience is already proficient in the general topic, I can also present a more advanced version that focuses on the technical details in compression, resolution, wireless transmission, multi-system integration, and implementation.
Other note:  

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Speaker #: #80
Speaker, Presenter: Rob Hammond, P.S.P. (Physical Security Professional, Certified), NICET III, Certified
Organization/Title:Representative, Guardian Alarm Company, Security Specialist
Topic, #, & Title:#81 – Where Locks Leave Off and Alarms Start.  This is a basic physical security talk focusing on the use of non electronic security measures such as locks, doors, lighting and fencing and then moving into electronic security of alarms, CCTV, and access control.  This 30 or 60 minute talk is targeted for audiences looking for basic security awareness measures for business and homes. Electronic Security Systems and Methods, purposes, options, methods are briefly described and covered. Questions and Answers.#82 – Access Control Technologies and Applications.  This presentation, a 30 or 60 minute talk, is targeted for audiences that are interested in a look at what today’s card reader and biometric technology can do to keep the bad guys out, keep the good guys were they belong and know who is going where and when. Electronic access control and information systems. Questions and Answers.
Brief Pres. Des.: See above in descriptions
Brief, Credentials:ROB HAMMOND, P.S.P., NICET III Certified:  Rob has been a security and fire alarm professional for 35 years. He is certified as a Physical Security Professional (PSP) by ASIS and holds a NICET III certification as a Fire Alarm Technologist. His first 30 years in the industry were spent with a large, international security and fire alarm company.  The company designed and installed large, high profile, cutting edge security and fire projects such as protecting pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, nuclear weapons engineering labs, airports, and universities.
    Rob started as a service technician, worked as Project Manager, Software Designer, System Design Engineer, and Department Manager.  
    After this company closed the Ohio factory, Rob went on to do consulting work, designing security protection solutions for companies.  In 2006 Rob took on a sales position with Guardian Alarm.
Length:See above in descriptions
Availability, Geo.:  
Groups, note:See above in descriptions
Other note:  

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Speaker #: #90
Speaker, Presenter:  
Topic, #, & Title:#91 –
Brief Pres. Des.:  
Brief, Credentials: 
Availability, Geo.:  
Groups, note: 
Other note:  

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Speaker #: #100
Speaker, Presenter:  
Topic, #, & Title:#101 –
Brief Pres. Des.:  
Brief, Credentials:
Availability, Geo.:  
Groups, note: 
Other note:  

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Inquiry LINK:  Inquiring for a speaker? Please send us an email (click icon below) with your name, contact info., and your main areas of interest – topics you’d like to have a professional practitioner speak on – and any other pertinent information, such as the name of the group or organization, expected size of the group with a description, time and dates that are possible, etc. We’ll forward the information as appropriate, and the speaker will get in touch with you. Please include an area code and telephone number and the best time to contact you. Please note the following, and then email us.

ASIS Cleveland and the Security Speaker’s Bureau acts as a matchmaker only. The purpose is to bring a bona fide community group* into contact with a security professional who may agree to speak with your group on a security subject as you may both mutually agree on whatever terms or conditions that are discussed and applicable. Many of our speakers will speak without any fee or expense whatsoever, particularly to non-profit groups or associations. Please inquire specifically about any fees or expenses when you speak with the security presenter.

A security speaker may decline to speak to a group for any reason. No presentations will be provided to any group identified with the purpose of overthrowing the government of the United States, groups known to have ties to domestic or international terrorism or political groups or sub-groups of this nature; others as may be determined.

Our Purposes:

To educate, serve, and contribute to our communities, and to make security knowledge and information available to advance or increase security in NE Ohio

To bring together and match experienced security experts and speakers with interested community groups

Members interested in speaking engagements or providing presentations to security groups and others:  NOTE:
Security speakers sought for the major security conference
Info. & Security Summit 2007

Cleveland, Ohio

We are also looking for meeting speakers and topics for regular ASIS CLEVELAND meeting presentations. Please inquire or suggest. Contact the Chapter Chair or Program Chair.