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“Website of the Year”
Award – 2006

ASIS Cleveland Chapter
The North Coast Network, the chapter newsletter, has been published under this name every year since 1985, ranging between 6 and 12 issues per year. Prior to this, the newsletter was published under a variety of names. The North Coast Network has won numerous national awards from both ASIS and other security publishers, from Newsletter of the Year to Honorable Mentions.

Newsletter of the Year
Award – 2005

Congratulations to the ASIS Cleveland Chapter of Region 10A for winning this award for their newsletter, the North Coast Network, member/editor, Don Calderwood, Hawkeye Services, as judged by the professionals of the publications department of ASIS International. The spotlight is on you, Cleveland, and you’re back on the map! What next? Chapter of the Year? Website of the Year? It’s a team effort, to be sure. With the depth of talent of the professionals in security who are members of the ASIS Cleveland Chapter, taking the lead in the security profession is not only a possibility…


– Size:  14 Pages average
– Color:  Full color and full color ads
– Ratio of advertising to content:  22%+
– Editorial focus & purpose:  ASIS Cleveland members, actions, activities, meetings, events, notices, employment, legislation, perspectives

– Format & Access:  8 1/2″ x 11″, Adobe PDF format 5.0, hyperlinked and active hyperlinks to websites and email, viewable online, downloadable, printable, delivered to all listed members, additionally available and accessed on web and multi-year archived in Members ONLY Website – see issues below.

North Coast Network Newsletter
– 2007 Issues –

Six issues per year. Year: (Adobe PDFs – hyperlinked,
NOTE:  The last two issues of 2005 appear here – members, all newsletters are archived in the Member ONLY website. Reviewing these is an excellent way to get up to speed with what is going on, and what some of the history is. Please go to Member ONLY Access to register for access. Thank you.

Editor’s Note #1:  We are looking to profile existing members in “Member Snapshots” and we’d like to do more on “New Member Profiles”. See samples of both in the July/August issue. If you’d like to be featured in either, please let me know – send me an email and I’ll bring you up to speed on what’s involved. Thanks.
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Editor’s Note #2:  Attention long term members:  We have an archive of the NCN Newsletters that ranges from Jan., 1985, to December, 1995. There is gap between Jan., 1996, to mid-2000, and then we have most issues from then to the present. Do you have any copies or extra copies that span 1996 to 2000, and are you willing to part with them or send a photocopy? Alternatively, is there someone out there with a three ring binder of chapter newsletters that didn’t get passed along? Please email me with any information or response. Thanks, Don Calderwood, Editor
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To view previous years newsletters, members can view these in the Members ONLY website under Newsletter Archives.

For editorial submissions or advertising information,
contact member, Don Calderwood,
ASIS Cleveland Communications
Hawkeye Services
440-352-0393 or

Website:  ASIS Cleveland dot com…

The website continues to increase in popularity as evidenced by increasing numbers of visitors of all types, from members to others interested in information regarding security, loss prevention, ASIS, and the profession of security. A recent search on Google for “security professionals Ohio” resulted in the number one position – NUMBER ONE – in page rank.
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