There are two ways to apply for membership: Use the links below to apply for membership online through the ASIS Store or complete a PDF version of the membership application and mail or fax your application. Note: Membership approval takes approximately one week.

(Current members only: Renew your membership online today!)

Classes of Membership

Member: Professional in an executive, managerial, supervisory, or responsible charge position who is primarily responsible for the security function of their organization.

Associate: Individual with professional interest in security, seeking the educational benefits provided by membership in ASIS.

  • Click here for online membership application.

Student Member: Full-time student actively pursuing a security-related degree. Student membership is not available to those who would otherwise qualify for Member or Associate status.
Note: Additional documentation is required and must accompany a student application in order for the application to be processed. Please see complete instructions on student membership application page.

  • Click here for online student membership application.

Tax Information Regarding Member Dues