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Objectives, Features, Benefits:  By subscribing and registering to these communication methods that follow:

  ● Establishing/developing local security professional contacts on an ongoing basis
  ● Receive local chapter communications (95% electronic delivery via email and websites)
  ● Receive meeting notices, reminders, the North Coast Network Newsletter, Bulletins, references to job postings, legislative issues, more.
  ● Communicate with all other subscribed members on issues, resources, queries, assistance, by receiving and responding to these or by posting them to the MemberList.
 ● Obtain access to information posted ONLY for members, members only separate website.

OTE PLEASE:  You must SUBSCRIBE to the MemberList AND/OR REGISTER for the Member Only Website separately – these are “opt in” and not automatic as a result of membership.

1. ASIS Cleveland MemberList (List Serve) – Email Communications

     Background, Information, Details:  to subscribe, scroll down…


This is a member only “List Serve” using email:  Private. Secure. Password Protected. You won’t get “spam” – your email address will not be exposed. Subscribe below.


The MemberList is only for use by members to both post messages and to receive information relating to the Cleveland Chapter, security, alerts, and related subjects. Officers, committees, and their designees use it to communicate with the membership about meeting or event notices, reminders, bulletins, upcoming special events, to distribute the chapter newsletter, the North Coast Network, and general chapter information. For examples, the Placement Chairman may direct members’ attention to job openings or their locations on the web, the Legislative Chair may do the same on some pending legislative matter, and so on. Should a meeting or event be cancelled, the MemberList will be used to notify members. In a national or regional emergency or event on the order of 9/11, natural disaster or otherwise, this may be used as a vehicle for members to share information and communicate efficiently, assuming the www or internet is unaffected. 

The MemberList can also be used for communication among our members by any member posting (emailing) a message to all members who are subscribed. You may post messages, share information, ask for feedback or agreement on a position or other perspectives on an issue or problem, etc. ONLY members who are subscribed can post messages or communicate – others are bounced and prevented from distribution to the MemberList.


BLOCKING, FILTERS:  MemberList messages may be BLOCKED ENTIRELY by “spam filters” imposed by services such as AOL (America OnLine – AOL addresses registered with the MemberList are eventually deleted by the email server as “bad addresses” because they are repeatedly undeliverable). AOL is the largest known problem. This may be true of other services or of private companies or government whose IT departments institute similar blocks. Solutions may be to obtain an email address other than those known to block excessively, use a home email address, or keep in touch by visiting the website often to keep up to date with announcements, download the newsletter, or get meeting or event information.

AOL USERS:  We are now distributing through a separatel list that is not on the listserve, but yo should receive messages. Email to make sure you are on the alternative list:>  Webmaster.
Please contact us if you have concerns about this or wish to discuss solutions. Thank you. 

 Add to your address book the following address:  [email protected] . If bounces are not blocked by filters, email messages may get through as acceptable because they are in your address book. Bottom line on this:  Having a problem? Contact me (webmaster – page bottom).


Limitations? No commercial messages or solicitations, no public or personally directed criticisms of other members, and the like.

What is appropriate? This is a private forum for security professionals who are ASIS Cleveland members. Messages raising issues or commenting upon security issues, new events, inquiries about resources or information, opinions on security or security issues, items that the writer feels the chapter should address, and the like. State your case or topic or inquiry, keep ethics and professionalism in mind as a guide, and all will be fine.


To send a message to all subscribed members, simply write your email message. Send it to:  [email protected]  To reply to a message, you can reply to the sender, or you can reply to all on the MemberList.

You may Unsubscribe at any time. How to do this is provided upon subscribing.


You must be an ASIS Cleveland member (for exceptions, contact the Chair). Simple process – enter your name, email address, and choose a password. Your membership and your address is verified prior to approval. You’ll be notified via email. Click here to subscribe:

 2. Member ONLY Website:  Register for access

ASIS Cleveland Members ONLY. Please, if you are not a member, don’t try to register because you will not be approved.

Click the “Register for Access” button and you will be taken to the registration page. Fill out the brief form and you should be approved within 24 hours (in many cases much sooner). Once you get your approval via email you can then go to the “Member ONLY Web” where you will be prompted for your User name and password. NOTE:  The “Members ONLY Web” is being revamped – your input, ideas, and your suggestions are most welcome. See note upon entry.

Return anytime to access the website – you may bookmark this page – button is always at the top right of this page.

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